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Berkeley Symphony Logo

The Berkeley Symphony folks worked with Graybird Foundation to do an interim design update to optimize the homepage and tighten up the overall page design sitewide. Stoverpix redesigned the homepage and implemented all changes to the WordPress theme on the live site after design changes were approved. We modified the process of updating the homepage to make it extremely simple, improved how events are implemented across the site and made substantial responsive rendering improvements. This is an interim update. Redesign to come later in 2017.

About Berkeley Symphony

The mission of Berkeley Symphony is to champion symphonic music as a living art form—creating live performances and educational programs that engage the intellect, spark the curiosity, and delight the spirit of Berkeley and surrounding Bay Area communities.


Before & After

Berkeley Symphony was looking to do an interim redesign to tighten up the visuals, bring out the Calls-To-Actions, and to make easier to update. This needed to happen without any downtime of the live site. Our concentration was on the homepage, but included styling and improvements to the entire site. We separated out the CTA row under the hero as well as the Sponsorship and Events rows—which can now be easily added to any page and easily managed as single elements across the entire site. Responsiveness across the site was improved and optimized on the homepage especially. The Featured events are now front and center and designed so it’s easy to visually parse the event details.