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Stoverpix worked with Graybird Foundation to launch a new, modern and responsive website for Foundation for a College Education with all new simplified and and concise content using a new design by Mark Chaillie.  The homepage design has a special challenge by specifying the navigation bar to be on the bottom of a fullscreen hero banner which scrolls up and sticks to the top after scrolling down to the lower portion content. 

One way to get more engagement with the website is to create a robust event calendar for all classes and other events for all the different meetings, tutoring sessions, testing, field trips and more for 22 different groups.

Notable features of the website include:

  • Easy to update interactive, fullscreen hero banner
  • Homepage rows with visually engaging parallax effects which elegantly reformat for different devices 
  • Social sharing sidebar to easily share any page on the site across all social networks.
  • Full month calendar with option to view by any category like tutoring  
  • Customized event listing pages by all events, category, location, date, etc…
  • Customized Team section for Staff Members and Board Members which auto generates when adding new members
  • Google Translator to change the language to Spanish (or technically most any language)
  • Special top level pages with photo grid linking to content in that section
  • Easy to implement testimonials on various pages.
Fullscreen Top Portion Homepage
FCE Home Screen
Lower Portion Homepage
FCE Home Lower Screen

About FCE

Foundation for a College Education’s mission is to increase the number of students of color from East Palo Alto and similar communities who graduate from a four-year college or university.

The vision of FCE is to create a community where higher education is attainable. By engaging both students and parents in our work, we aim to create a community of learners who are armed with the right tools and information. Together, they play a pivotal role in sharing this information with other families about how best to take advantage of school resources and navigate the college admissions process, thus catalyzing change in the larger community.

Feature Screenshots

Top Level Page
Top Level Page
Full Calendar Page
Full Calendar Page
Event Category Page
Event Category Page
Single Event Page
Single Event Page
Team Page
Team Page

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