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Stoverpix worked with the Socius Group team to update the entire brand to better represent the personal, bold, yet fun and friendly approach they take with clients and projects. One of the first orders of business was to develop a style guide with updated logo, color palette, font usage and icon style. We then used that to define the website. It was very important that the website be easily updated with very little technical expertise. Stoverpix chose the WordPress DIVI theme to achieve that. 


  • Updated logo
  • Easy to implement styling across the entire site
  • Easy to update content that automatically formats for all devices
  • Fun Icon set which pops to help enhance the message
  • A library of easy to implement tiled backgrounds to add character to simple text messages
  • Easy to update Testimonial carousel slider
  • Popover Team member pages
  • Optimize SEO
Socius Group Home Screen

Logo Update


Original Logo:

Conceptually this logo is working well with the 2 mirrored shapes making an S but feels a bit too generic and corporate.  

Redesigned Logo:

By adding the red dot in the middle we tie the picture symbol in with the “i” in the text—and giving it a 15° tilt we add a bit of personality or attitude missing from the original.

Who We Are Page
Team Member Popover
Mobile Menu Dropdown
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