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This is a demo build for a scripted presentation by the CEO, so some things don’t work. The buttons are large to accommodate a persons finger on touchscreen and the animations are simple because the device did not have a whole lot of processing power. 

Designing for a touchscreen, no mouse, no keyboard, 600×900 screen size, dynamic content, full screen advertising, with all the functionality and personal management tools you’d expect from MyYahoo, plus everything you might need on your phone. 

A few less obvious contributions I made to this included: design the skinning architecture; design and map the UI patterns; work with the db architect on content flow; architect the advertising model as well as a tool for advertisers to create full screen ads via templates and target the ads to local/regional/national audiences, and much more.


The buttons are large to accommodate a person’s finger.
A few things worth exploring include:

  • The Banner ad demonstrates fullscreen advertising
  • The News module demonstrates several ways to aggregate news
  • The Entertainment module contains fullscreen media examples
  • Check out the Calendar
  • Ads can come up anytime. Managed by the service provider. Some ads are personalized.
  • Click the TIME/DATE to to bring up a panel that emulates the hardware buttons on the device

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